Our Mission

  Clark Specialty Grains strives to work with farmers committed to organic  and the non-gmo movement in order to provide the highest quality  organic and non-gmo corn for human consumption.  




Our story

 Jim Clark is a third generation farmer in  central Nebraska that has benn committed to producing the highest level  food grade human consumption corn since 1992.  In a effort to provide a  higher quality product for the tortilla chip industry, ground work for  Clark Specialty Grains began in the summer of 1999.  The first corn was  processed and delivered in June of 2000. In 2003 Clark Specialty Grains  received its first organic certification and started delivering  specialty corn throughout the United States and Canada.  2008 Clark  Specialty Grains develops a organic CO2 treatment process.  2014  received non gmo project process certification for facility.  In  collaboration with Jim Clark Farms and many talented farmers Clark  Specialty Grains has provided enough specialty corn to the food industry  to produce over 925 million bags of tortilla corn chips. 

CO2 organic treatment facility

CO2 organic treatment facility