Our products

Organic and Non-gmo food grade white, yellow, waxy yellow,blue and pink corn.

Organic or Non-gmo feed corn, please see "Feed Products"

We ship our products in 50lb bags, 2,000 lb. & one metric tote sacs, containers, bulk truck and rail.  

Transportation  routes: We are located off Interstate 80 in central Nebraska and have  access to the Union Pacific & BNSF railroad.

We offer blended corn products in tote and bulk.

CO2 treatment process to ensure "no live bug delivery" is available for organic and non-gmo corn.

Every  kernel of corn cleaned for the food industry is processed through over  and under screens, aspiration, rare earth magnets, Forsberg gravity  tables, Forsberg D-stoner, Satake Evo 800 Color Sorter with Shape  Technology and a Safeline Metal Detector.

Please inquire about our other corn products for your needs.


From our fields to your table